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Ressources. our force

SOPAP succeeded to build a reputation because of a professional commitment, the know-how and the loyalty of its team.
Today SOPAP is well prepared to face the challenges of the world market, with:

a research and development department: composed of 10 experts dispatched on 2 sites offering the latest technological knowledge for internal and external consultancy.

Park of PCs equiped with the softwareAutodesk, Version 8: 2D and 3D conception tools
Interfaces : IGES, SAT , STEP

CAD: Pcs equiped with Missler software:
Topsolid Mechanical CAD software – 3D surface and volume designTopmotion: Option of integrated dynamic simulation
ACIS, STEP, Catia, ProE, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, ASCII ( xyz)

CAM: Pcs equiped with the software MisslerMissler and TopSolid'Cam: software for programming and optimising manufacturing processes.
2D½ et 3D simplified manufacturing on 4 and 5 continuous axis

Geometry Format Interfaces: IGES, DXF/DWG, VDA , JAMA, STL , PARASOLID (XMT), ACIS, STEP, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, ASCII ( xyz) , option Catia (V4 and V5) and ProE, bitmap
an international sales force which responds to the demands of our clients.
Our service’s target is to satisfy the demand of our clientele as quickly as possible.
Thus the client can have access to commercial and technical quotations matching his pre-established requirements.

Our team is able to supply a technical and commercial telephone support.
These technical requirements can be communicated to us through several ways:
  • online technical form (considering that all parameters of the required application are known)
  • during a visit on site (the expertise of our sale’s force offer technical and commercial quotations on site)
  • The technical requirements can be communicated through E-mailing. A complete quotation will be forwarded electronically by our team.
An advanced production facility giving to SOPAP the flexibility of producing all the components internally matching customers' requirements.
the production facility is composed of classical machines: drills, lathes, milling machines
  • 3 CNC lathes;
  • 2 CNC milling machines 4-axis;
  • 1 CNC milling machine 5-axis;
  • 1 CNC milling machine 3-axis;

  • 1 CNC manufacturing center 4-axis;
  • 3 boring and milling CNC machines 4-axis;
a network of suppliers accurately selected, regarding to the criterias of our group