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Lift & Carry. Shuttle
The lift and carry stations with multi-units serie V are mechanical cam units for:
  • vertical movements,
  • standard or made to measure strokes (from few hundred millimeters until 4 meters)
  • masses "light and heavy" to be transfered (few kilogrammes until 10 tons)
  • medium and long distances (2 to 40 meters)
the multi-units lifting stations SOPAP are composed of 2 or 4 mechanical cam driven units for linear and verical displacement (unit serie V ).
These mechanical units are linked to each other by transmission shafts, for a mechanical synchronisation .

the movement is created with cylindrical cams and followers running in the profile of the cam .

The movement can be:
  • controlled by the cam (the cam profil handles accelarations, positionnings and stops).
  • flexible and programmable through the automatisation of your machine

The cams' profils handles acceleration behaviours, and the accuracy of positionning and stops.

the cams' laws of movement, the quality of manufacturing of the lift and carry SOPAP stations, optimise significantly the performance and reliability of your machines and your production lines.

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