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Retourneurs. Trunniun
The trunniuns are mechanical units, cam driven, for :
  • rotating movement on a horizontal axis,
  • "medium to heavy" masses to be driven (ten kilograms until 20 tons)
  • "medium to long" lengths of masses (1 to 10 meters)
The trunniuns are composed of a horizontal axis indexing table, and mostly with a counter lever.

The continuous or intermittent rotating movement is generated by a cam (globoidal or cylindrical) .

The movement can be :
  • Definitively manufactured on the cam (the cam manufactured profil handles by itself accelaration behaviours, precisions of positionning and stops).
  • flexible and programmable through the automatisation of your machine
  • Three configurations available: 2, 3, and 4 stations

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