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Services. SOPAP label   SOPAP can offer to its clientele contracts of maintenance for all type of indexing products.
In order to assure a total satisfaction of its clientele, SOPAP proposes an extra advanced technical support in order to assure the proper integration and use of the SOPAP products (LABEL SOPAP).

  Downloadable brochures

Our panel of products is downloadable in different languages and in the format pdf. Find all our documentation on our download center.

We apply a 3 years of guarantee on standard products according to our general conditions of sale.
  Downloadable drawings
For certain applications, an extended warranty period can be applied. For such extension, it is required to implementa « LABEL » of good use . This LBEmutually signed by the end-user, the integrator, and SOPAP for the validation of:
  • Loads (masses et inertias) from beginning of development
  • The respect of maximum loading during use
  • The good installation of units (assembly, fastening, etc.)
  • The good use of the units (cam setup, timing check, current, etc.)
  • The good maintenance of our products (space for disassembly,
  • followers accessibility, etc )
LBEtakes place on the site of final installation.

Sales conditions

Download our general conditions of sale

  Drawings are available in different formats. They are constantly updated by our technical department. Find all the drawings of our products in our download center.